My bestfriend and Lover

My last two posts have been “Real Estate” focus – moving out of home, tips you need to remember, how to get noticed by Agents. A big part of this whole process though is making sure if you’re making the move it is done with the right person/people, if you’re looking at not doing it […]

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I cut it out 🍫🍭

Not that long ago I started my fitness journey with my partner Reece. Determined like every other “health” conscious person to either lose weight, tone up or gain muscle mass. I set myself up for the last 2 weeks only eating vegetables and fish – trying to avoid any red meat or chicken where possible. […]

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Family 🙏🏽

It’s so easy now days to get caught up in everything around us including social media, our careers, income and everything else that comes along with it. They may not be my immediate family but they sure as hell treat me like it. And for that I’m grateful.

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