My bestfriend and Lover

My last two posts have been “Real Estate” focus – moving out of home, tips you need to remember, how to get noticed by Agents. A big part of this whole process though is making sure if you’re making the move it is done with the right person/people, if you’re looking at not doing it alone. It’s important to remember that this is a commitment, and a big one. You can’t turn back after you’re 3 weeks in.

The moment I knew.

One thing I’ve learnt in the last few years is there is nothing nothing nothing better than having someone by your side who loves to travel, try amazing new foods, who is your number one support in every decision you make, who laughs along with you and will explore all the art galleries and museums just because they know you love it!

Being able to travel with my bestfriend, and lover has not only been a blessing but the best, most enjoyable experience in my life by far.

It was the first time I ever realised that I could spend the rest of my life travelling the world with Reece by my side. From planning the flights to the accommodation to all the touristy places we would visit in between. To be able to share moments like this with your love, there really is no better feeling.

For us, this was the first time we ever spent long periods of time together all at once. Not only did this test the waters for us, but it was also a real big eye opener. Firstly, we knew at this point that nothing could break us now, we just spend almost 2 months in each others pockets and yes there was definitely times where I wanted to pull my hair out then his, but we learnt so much about each other. We embraced it all – good and bad. I knew what I was expecting and I knew what I was up for.

This helped us so much when it came to moving out.

We already knew what to expect. I already knew about his bad habits and he knew about mine. There was no shocks or surprises.  We’ve now been living together for 4 months and time has gone by so quick. That saying ” When you’re having fun, time flies” well it’s 100% true.

In this short time I’ve been able to realise my true friends, I’ve been able to grow as a young professional in my career and my relationships all round with the people who mean the most to me have never been better.

All I needed was that extra push.





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