Making the move – Tips for moving out of your parents home

So I recently made a post about getting your application form noticed with Real Estate Agents when finding your first place, however before going ahead an applying it is important to remember as a youngster that it is a BIG commitment moving out of home for the first time and that these things should be kept in mind!

    1. Consider your decision to move – there are many reasons to make the move whether it is  you’re decision, someone else’s or its just time. Consider your options. Flt share might be the best decision at firs to test the waters.
    2. Find the right place – Making sure it is accessible to public transport, or your job. You don’t want to be travelling a million hours to and from your job. You need to consider what sort of environment you want to live in. Start with searching online, booking appointments, attend several open homes. Like my previous post – Make sure you follow up.
    3. Finances –  How will you afford your weekly/monthly bills? Working out a rough budget as it is important to know how much you’ll need to spend in a week (groceries/ fitness memberships/ social events). Don’t forget those bills that don’t come in weekly like – power, water, gas and car registration/maintenance.
    4. Don’t be afraid to ask for HELP – Moving out doesn’t mean it has to be a negative experience and you’re not alone.  Your friends wont think less of you if you have to skip on movie night or drinks out in town. If they’ve moved out also they will understand. Even if you’re getting by OK, visiting family for a meal every now and then that you didn’t have to pay for or cook yourself can feel pretty great.


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