Making the move – How to get your application NOTICED

After years of dating each other, my partner and I finally felt like we were ready to move out of our parents home.

Early January this year, we finally got accepted for the apartment that is ideal for us. Location, cost, and most of all we could imagine living there! Ticking all the boxes! After endless viewings, weekends spent searching for something to fit within our budget, we finally got accepted. The hype with getting new furniture and decking out the place to really make it ours, the hype of our first grocery shop together to stock up the fridge, even to stuff as simple as unpacking our suite cases and late night Kmart runs! It was all so exciting, overwhelming even!

However coming from a Residential Real Estate background I know how hard it can be for any youngster trying to get out there and make it on their own two feet.

Let me give you a few tips on how to get your application to the top of the pile!

  1. If there is more than one (1) tenant over 18+ years they will also need to complete a form with supporting documents. Unfortunately there is no short cuts here. Agents need to know exactly how much cashflow there will be in the house.
  2. Sections – Make sure you fill in all required areas. Don’t miss this step even if you “can’t be bothered” or it doesn’t seem relevant – this shows the Agent you have taken the time to complete form correctly and you’re serious about securing the property.
  3. Provide the Agent with all relevant documents – make sure they are UP TO DATE and portray you well. This includes the last three (3) months payslips, current ID for all parties ( if you’re not a citizen you will need to show passport as proof- agent may request to view visa) proof of address, employment contract or letter and any other documents.
  4. References – make sure you don’t just put the first friend you think of on there! Make sure you think this out well. Someone who can provide solid and reliable information to the Agent. A manager/boss, Teacher from school, family member. Remember a GOOD reference will take you a long way for any youngster as there is no previous ledge to back you up or legal binding document to state that you’ve paid rent prior. Agents will want to see how committed you are, if you have a stable source of cashflow and that you will take pride in the property. 
  5. Have bond and rent in advance money ready to go! This usually is 4 weeks bond and 2 weeks rent in advance for NSW, Australia.
  6. Follow up – I can’t stress enough how important it is to FOLLOW UP. Now I don’t mean stalk or provoke the Agent, just a simple email or phone call to check up on the process of you application. This shows you’re still interested in the property and you want to know the results, good or bad.
  7. Feedback – It’s important to take all feedback about your application, it all helps  with the process moving forward. Wether you be successful or not!

Hopefully this helps. I will make a new blog post about what you should know Once you get accepted in a lot more detail for you.

Katelyn xx


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